MTGP Podcast: Dave Wilmot


MTGP Podcast series: We are in the studio to talk about David Willmot‘s last Muay Thai fight and the announcement of his retirement. Winning with a first round KO in Lebanon against its number one fighter Mohamad Ghorabi, we reflect on Dave’s fight career. From humble beginnings and a troubled youth Dave talks about controlling the voice of doubt in his head, developing trust, Team Tieu Cheltenham, his recent move to London and his thoughts on being a soon to be dad. For more information on Dave, MTGP, upcoming fights and tickets, go to For help with the mental fight game, reach out to me via my site,

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MTGP Podcast #2 Lion Fight Vice president of Events, Christine Toledo


Toledo-Lion-FightWith the upcoming Lion Fight 27 taking place on Jan 29th, Philip Tieu and I talk with Lion Fight VP of events, Christine Toledo.

We talk about the main event between UK’s Charlie Peters, who won the MTGP 4 man tournament and the reigning champion, Fabio Pinca. We talk about Christine’s fight career, her TV appearances on Ring girls and Fight girls.

We also talk about the current state of Muay Thai and what we can expect from Lion Fight in 2016.


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MTGP Podcast Episode 1: with Lion Fight CEO Scott Kent


We kick off the MTGP Podcast series with a great guest line up.  Joining Anh and I in the Renaissance Podcast studios are two of the Muay Thai Grand Prix founders, Philip Tieu and Kieran Keddle.  We are honoured to have Lion Fight CEO, Scott Kent join our conversation and he gives us a fantastic insight into the evolution of Muay Thai and of the meteoric rise of Lion Fight Promotions in the past 5 years.



Fresh of the press, we announce some big fights scheduled for next year featuring a certain John Wayne Parr and exciting collaborations for 2016.   Click on the media player to find out about the upcoming fights (Lion Fight 26 on the 20th Nov and MTGP 2 in London on the 22nd Nov).



2:32 – How has the Muay Thai fight scene changed in the last 5 years?

5:38 – How did the three of you get introduced?

8:07 – Why is the 4 man tournament so popular?

11:03 – Lion Fight 26 – fight talk

19:27 – Special announcement – title fight in 2016

25:00 – Fighters are great role models

34:00 – Scott talks about his time as an Arsenal fan living in London.     @Lionfightofficial   @muaythaigp

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