About Team Tieu

CEO and co-founder of Muay Thai Grand Prix, the most successful promotion in the UK and hosts the biggest fights of the year.  Philip Tieu also oversees the Team Tieu group that has developed a winning formula of producing top ranked fighters from their base camps across the Gym Box landscape. His ability to grow and develop fighters is why he is head of combat in all of the Gymbox venues and Alex Fitness’. Phil is also a personal trainer for those that he sees potential, as one 2 one training is still a strong passion for him.


Phil’s background:  The key factor to Phil evolving from a fighter to a coach is his incredibly diverse martial arts background.  From the age of 5 he began learning as many styles as possible including, Tae Kwon do, Shoalin, Philipino martial arts and Jeet Kune Do.  He has been travelling back and forth to all areas of Thailand, learning from the best gyms and coaches for over a decade.  The quality of his fighter’s and their success can be based on the stats, ‘This is my C.V’  he says. He has over 15 top ranked fighters including many title holders at his gym including his two brothers and 2 of his younger cousins.

Who he teaches:  The classes are a great blend of all abilities – Attend any of Phil’s classes and you will be in the company of some of the best the UK has to offer.  You will also see all levels of ability.  The benefit is that each training session you can spar and get advice from fighters at the top of their game.  There is a strong positive vibe and this may be the reason that Team Tieu has more female members than any other promotion. There is also a strong focus on helping people wanting to lose weight and keep fit as the classes offer both.

“Team work makes dream work“  — Philip Tieu

Reasons for success: Phil has a deep understanding of personal styles, has a great ability to analyse body type, technique and mental ability to give the most individual coaching. He sees Muay Thai as an Expression of art allowing fighters to develop their own style. Team Tieu is a life style for many of the fighters and gym members. Everyone feels welcome, the team treat you like family,  and there are no egos –


Phil teaches confidence and how to feel good, rather than about fitness and weight loss- He has the best conversion ratio of turning those that joined for fitness and weight loss to becoming Muay Thai fans.

Last year Phil joined forces with the biggest Muay Thai promotion in the world, Lion Fight and this really is the sign that the success that has been achieved so far is only the beginning.